Our Services

Soul Scanning

Get in touch with your deeper layers & see what your eyes cant show you. Explore the hidden causes of your suffering

Chakra cleansing

Just like your body, your energies also need cleansing. Get your chakras cleaned & remove all the unwanted energies from your body & mind

Physical Body Healing

Sometimes medicines aren't enough, you need a divine hand to cure your diseases & ailments. Get your physical body healed & live a life free from disease

Emotional Body Healing

Heal the deeper, unexplored layers of your emotions to remove all the trauma & negativity and attain a blissful life

Mental Body Healing

Get rid of the negative & toxic beliefs, keeping you away from success & happiness

Five Elements cleansing

Your Five Main Elements are the building blocks of your life. Get them cleanse & bring a balance to your life

Karmic Blockages Removal

Remove unwanted karmic blockages from your body, mind and energies which are holding you back & live a life filled with energy & joy

Black Magic Removal

Get rid of all the evil influences & negative energies surrounding you, and save yourself from serious misfortune & unexplained diseases

Akashik Records healing

Cleanse your soul from the burdens of your past lives. With akashik Records Healing, you can become free of the unexplained barriers in your life

Money Blockages removal

Don't let the unwanted barriers & blockages stop you from living a life full of abundance.

Energetic Cords Cutting

Let go of those emotions, thoughts, relationships & memories which are becoming the reason for your sorrow

Ancestral Karmic Imprints Removal

Release your inter-trans generational karmic imprints, and fre bondagese yourself from

Yantras , Pandants , Tarot cards & other Divine Devices

Pocket Tools to save you from all the evil & dark energies around

Removal Of Planetory Maleffects

Make the stars work in your favour & become the ruler of your destiny

Energetic Cleaning Of Home, office

Clean your living spaces & live in a much more holistic environment .

Shadow works

Embrace your dark side, and release it with light language healing to shine in a new light

DNA Activation

Activate your divine blueprints and awaken your inner powers and experience life like never before

Light Body Activation

Bring your yin & yang energies to a balance and create merkaba protection to keep you safe from dark energies

Demonic Energies Clearing

Keep your aura safe from the influence of dark and evil energies and never let the outside forces disturb your peace

Rainbow Body Activation

Integrate all your chakras as one, and experience the blooming energy oozing out of you

Making of Lucky Charms, Tabeez, Talisman

Your pocket tools to keep your vibration high and attract more positivity in life

Energetic Clearing & Recharging of Gemstones, Crystals, Bracelets

Explore the powers hidden inside you & become the Master of your destiny

Psychic Abilities Activation

Awaken the hidden abilities in you & transform your life in a way you never imagined

Inner Child wound Healing

Heal the suppressed traumas & negative memories hidden deep inside, to live a much peaceful life.

Negative Entities Removal

keep yourself safe from the Negative energies around you.