Published Books

Dr. Waikhom’s Published Work

Divine Healing Code book contains the details about light language and light codes with its uses and benefits. This book provides many light codes for healing emotional body, mental body, energy body, spiritual body and physical body. Powerful light codes with light language mantra for invoking Gods, Goddesses, Archangels, Angels, Ascended masters, Animal spirit guides, starseed guides, mythical creatures which help in establishing a strong connection with divine beings and divine source light are also included in this book. Some benefits of using these light codes are  receiving guidance and protection from Divine, energetic cleansing and healing of  one’s 7 chakras, removing energetic seal implants, demonic energies black magics, curses, negative entities and other spiritual infections, DNA Activation, light body activation, rainbow body activation.

Light codes in Divine Healing Code book will assist in one’s soul transformation journey to  achieve love, peace, eternal bliss and enlightenment. This book is very useful tool of doing inner work for achieving great height in spirituality and regain our divine self.

Divine inner work Journal provides an opportunity to write down our deepest wounds, traumas, unwanted habits, old beliefs, negative feelings and thoughts that have been stored in our mental body, emotional body, energy body and help in letting away all these blocks from our body. It provides a way to reprogram our subconscious mind towards success, positivity and abundance through writing.

Universal money codes book provides detailed information about money energy and money light codes for clearing money related blockages in mental, emotional and energetic layers in the body. This book also contains money light codes with mantras for connecting with divine abundance energy of gods and goddesses of wealth. Light codes for currency used in the different countries are also included in this book which can be useful for atonement to 7 Chakras in the body for raising money vibration to increase our money manifestation power in physical form.

Archstar self healing codes cards deck includes 88 light codes and activation mantras for healing emotional issues, mental issues and energetic blocks. It also has light codes for sacred geometries for creating spiritual protection and psychic shielding. This card deck is a combination of powerful light codes and mantras for helping in doing self inner work to transform the soul into divine purity.

Introduction and promotion of Dr. Waikhom Roshni Devi’s published works ceremony organised at the Royal palace Sanakonung at Imphal, Manipur. Her books were presented to the Maharaja Sanajaoba Leishemba and Maharani Anamika of the Manipur, the chief Librarian of the state central library of Manipur, Uttara Sanglen of Kangla and Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple board of Manipur.
Divine inner work journal and Universal money codes book launched in the world book fair 2024 at Pragati Maidan, Delhi.