About Us


Dr. Waikhom Roshni Devi
MCA (Gold Medalist),

A light language light worker, an energy healer, an alchemist & a guide to many,
Dr. Waikhom Roshni is known for many reasons among common masses.

Started as a school teacher and after attaining her first doctrate, She went on to explore the deeper truths of life & found her way in energy healing services.

From healing chronic diseases to relieving mental wounds , helping people understand their lives better & teaching them, how can they actually live the life they desire, Dr. Roshni has come a long way.

What is Divine roshni

As the name speaks for itself ” Divine Roshni” is a light laguage healing centre, founded by Dr. Waikhom Roshni with the aim of spreading more light in the lives of those who are struggling with their inner darkness

Divine Roshni is a one s variety of services which focuses on improving your overall welbeing and freeing you from any bondages that may be holding you back from experiencing true happiness.

Energy cleaning, physical body healing, light body activation,  psychic abilities activation, Money blockages healing, five elements cleansing, akashik records healing, and the removal of karmic blockages and many more

The mission of Divine Roshni is to help you tap into your true potential, unlocking your and empowering you to live your best life.

So come, join us & unlock your hidden gems & become a blossoming life

Emergency Contact

+(91) 8837283245